One way that we're experimenting with different ways of sharing information, skills and resources is through building social network maps or ‘NetMaps’ together.  This is an experimental and iterative project, and we are in the testing phase where we are gathering information on what networks exist and how we can make them visible.

But this does put us in a  bit of a chicken and egg situation where until we have started building a map that's shareable, it's hard to explain and share the vision, in a way that our partner's networks can identify and engage with.

Drew had previously built a map based on a ficticious London borough - Slipham.  When we originally posed to the NetEquality partners to use this as a basis to create initial promotional and learning materials, it was felt that it was too conceptual and didn't contain enough organisations / individuals that our partners could relate to.

We could have just adapted the Slipham map, but felt it would be good to introduce some characters / scenarios based on feedback we had from individuals joining mapping sessions themed around mental health and wellbeing, in the early part of the pandemic.  So we decided this would be a good approach to use when creating a couple of explainer videos that both introduced the topic of NetMapping along with how this could be used by individuals / organiastions in a way that potential contributers could identify with.  

We worked with a community filmmaker Tot Foster who specialises in 'table top animation' to bring this idea to life.  We'd already worked on a basic script and so had a few meetings running through this, adapting to fit a shorter timeframe, and brainstorming ideas for visuals to be used in videos.  Tot then went away and created the two short films below, and with only a couple of further tweaks, we are now using these to promote both the idea of netmapping and of London's civil society working in the equalites and social justice sphere to join with us and test out NetMapping for better connections and resource sharing.


Part 1

What is netmapping and why is it useful?

Part 2

Who could use NetMapping to help them in their work?


If you are interested in adding yourself to the ‘NetEquality NetMap’, you need to agree to the guidelines and join the community by signing up here first.

If you you'd like to have an induction or find out more email or sign up to one of our weekly 'Introduction to NetMapping' drop-in sessions